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The Best Restaurants in the World

Although classifying restaurants from around the world into a list and notifying them to be the best seems like a stretch, it is indeed possible. Through reviews, quality and customer service, one can create a definitive list that sits well with all kinds of travellers. Since they are individuals with the most amount of experience and exposure, this list was framed taking in valuable feedback from them. So if you haven’t visited these places, then it is high time that you change that right away. Hence, here are the best restaurants in the world.

1. Epicure (Paris, France)

Be it French, European or vegetarian; Epicure has been known to be the best in the game. In terms of rating and customer service, the restaurant has always managed to score top points, beating the competition to a large extent. Their menu is filled with authentic delights that are known to be unique, and you cannot find it elsewhere. Apart from bringing about a local cuisine, the place also manages to sparkle an international appeal, which moves ahead to explain the tourists around the place.

2. Ristorante Villa Crespi (Orta San Giulio, Italy)

Ristorante Villa Crespi in Orta San Giulio is famous for Italian, Seafood and Mediterranean delights that have been helping customers to taste different words at a time. The place also tops the list in reviews, and various travellers have unanimously quoted it to be one of the best. From exquisite creations to passionate meals, a lot of terminologies have been used to describe the kind of meals that are cooked at this place. Considering it has hardly received any negative feedback, it would be unfortunate not to try it out.

3. The Jane (Antwerp, Belgium)

The Jane is another world-famous restaurant that is widely known for bringing out classy meals ranging from Seafood to European. Their customer service has been receiving top-class ratings for a long time, and it is good to know that things are still heading in the right direction. In terms of the ambience, the entire place lights up to form an appeal that sits well in the minds of several people. So if you’re visiting Belgium anytime soon, then we recommend you also to visit Jane.

4. TRB Hutong (Beijing, China)

The aspect or feature of offering different kinds of cuisines need not sit well with all restaurants. But TRB Hutong managed to break such misconceptions and move ahead to be successful. The restaurant has been around for quite some time and caters to French, European and Contemporary cuisines that are known all over the world. An excellent form of customer service has also heaped praise and promoted individuals to call the restaurant the best in Beijing.


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