Fusion Recipies
Fusion Recipies

8 Indian Fusion Recipies to Try Out at Home

Fusion recipes combine the flavours and ingredients of different places to make authentic dishes a little more interesting. Chefs try out the recipes from different cultures to add a new twist to the authentic dishes. Here is a list of the ten popular Indian fusion recipes that you can try making on your own or order at a restaurant.

Milk Soda

Milk soda is a fusion drink which is prepared by mixing milk with any sweetened soda and topped with basil seeds. It is a refreshing drink that can make the summer heat a bearable and a bit more enjoyable.

Mexican Samosa

Mexico shares a lot in the spice culture with India. The Mexican samosa is a perfect example of the fusion of Mexican sauces with potato or mixed vegetables. It has a sweet and tangy flavour with the hotness of Mexican spices.

Rasmalai Tres Leches Cake

A perfect dessert to end a good dinner could not have been anything other than ras malai until this new version was invented. It contains a sponge cake soaked in rich and creamy milk cooked with saffron and almonds.

Tikka Masala Mac n Cheese

Tikka masala is a speciality in Indian cuisine which can turn almost any dish around. Paneer tikka wrap is not new anymore and is loved by many around the world, but tikka masala mac n cheese recipe is something that we highly recommend for your next meal.

Gulkand Strawberry Milkshake

It is a refreshing beverage made with gulkand (rose petal syrup or paste) mixed with strawberry and milk. This milkshake is not too sweet, completely natural, and healthy for your body. You can make it quick with a mixer at home for a relaxing session.

Chicken Puff

Another commonly found dish in India is chicken puff which can be available in most of the bakeries. There are different varieties of chicken puffs which can have cheese, sauce, and vegetables in it along with the chicken. Never settle with one type of chicken puff and try them all.

Malai Sandwich

Try out this combination of malai sandwich with saffron mousse, cardamom crumbles, nuts, and passionfruit coulis. It is nothing less than Rasmalai and provides the same quality of texture and flavours. It is a great after food dessert which you should ask for in traditional restaurants.

Cheese burst dosa

Everyone likes everything that has cheese in it, but dosa makes it even more valuable for the foodies. Making dosa is as quick as making a flatbread and adding cheese to it makes it even more desirable. The dosa also tastes a bit sour due to yeast which gives even more flavour to the dish when you serve it with cheese and combination of chutneys and sauces.





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